A hackathon where people come together and the world's most absurd app ideas and product features come to life (or die trying).

Why Build Something Dumb

Connect with other miscreants

"Build Something Dumb" is the perfect rendezvous for those with a knack for the peculiar, the absurd, and the downright daft. It's where you'll find your next partner in crime for that app idea that makes even a rubber chicken look serious.

Start something ridiculous

Feel the camaraderie as you delve into the rabbit hole of ridiculousness with fellow jesters. Here, the motto is - if it doesn't make you chuckle, chortle or snort, you're not doing it right. It’s a celebration of the bizarre, an ode to the impractical.

Learn from jesters of genius

Get insights on how to turn the mundane into the hilarious from jesters who’ve walked the tightrope between genius and insanity. Our experienced guides on this ludicrous journey have mastered the art of the facepalm and are here to share their nonsensical wisdom.

Have a F*$& Ton of Fun

Create something that makes you laugh, makes you think, or defies any explanation. Remember, the goal here isn't to build the next big startup - it's to have fun, learn something new, and maybe, just maybe, build something so ridiculously dumb that it's actually kind of brilliant.

Frequently Asked Questions